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IT’S OFFICIAL! Carter and Tim have launched their very own show to educate, empower, and enlighten you on ALL things Health and Wealth! Make sure to follow, share, and like for immediate access to this priceless information. Carter Wilcoxson "The Advisors' Advisor" the Visionary thinker who sees the next opportunity before others do is the Architect of CSI's Advisor Partner Platform with strategies to connect advisors to new clients. For close to two decades, Carter has helped the top advisors in the country break their own production records year after year. Then he worked directly with consumers to gain the frontline perspective advisors face every day. This combined knowledge drove him to found CSI Financial Group to bring together advisors and consumers by providing mutually beneficial solutions. The result is CSI’s Advisor Partner Platform a foundational approach featuring a comprehensive collection of field-tested strategies that will change your business forever. 

Carter Wilcoxson
Tim James

Tim James who's also the host of Health Hero Show Podcast is one of those guys that will leave you feeling younger and more energetic just by hearing him speak. His passion flows out of him like a fresh waterfall in a dry desert. He’s turning 47 but feels like he’s 18 (with more energy!) What’s his secret? After suffering from multiple health issues, including rectal bleeding, two separate skin issues, chronic acid indigestion and surgery to remove one of his organs due to serious digestive issues, Tim knew something had to change. But it was only after watching his closest ones die of cancer and the untimely death of his younger brother that he finally decided to take action. Tim’s journey led him to a shocking discovery which helped his friend beat cancer and transform every area of his life. Feeling charged with a duty to help others he started sharing his knowledge with anyone that would listen. This led him to producing his own chemical free food products. ‘Chemical Free Body’ was born. Tim’s inbox is constantly flooded with people singing and dancing about how his products have given them a life they couldn’t believe was possible. His story will have you laughing, crying and gasping but most importantly he will give you the recipe to a longer, happier and healthier life.  

Shauna The Tax Goddess, CPA, MTax, CTC, CTS Top 1% Tax Strategist In The U.S.

Shauna The Tax Goddess, CPA, MTax, CTC, CTS Top 1% Tax Strategist In The U.S.

Episode 56 replay - Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA, MTax, CTC, CTS, Tax Goddess is a highly sought-after Certified Public Accountant and founder of Tax Goddess Business Services, PC, established in 2004. Tax Goddess is a global team of 65+ specialists that uses plain language (not tax code) to help business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs create plans of action to increase the business owner’s bottom line, reduce costs, significantly reduce taxes, increase cash flow, and perform what-if scenario options so that owners know what decisions to make and which paths are best suited to their particular situation. Shauna is a Certified Public Accountant (AZ) with a master's degree in Taxation. She is ranked in the top 1% of Tax Strategists in the entire country (per AICTC). Before starting her own company, Shauna had garnered experience and sharpened her skills working with different leading corporations such as KPMG and American Express. With over 24+ years of experience in implementing innovative tax solutions, Shauna has continued to actively create tax strategies that, so far, have saved businesses and individuals to the tune of over $523 million. Learn more about The Tax Goddess Here: https://taxstrategiesforadvisors.com/csi-advisors/  WEALTH: Not getting enough clients? GO TO: http://www.CSIFG.com Book a FREE 15-minute Client Acquisition Consultation with Carter or one of his team members. HEALTH: Low on energy or overweight? Go to http://www.chemicalfreebody.com/enrichers and grab GREEN 85 Juice Formula or book a FREE 30-minute Health Strategy Session with Tim or one of his coaches.
LLOYD YAMADA, CFP®, CEO From Engineer To Financial Planning Engineer

LLOYD YAMADA, CFP®, CEO From Engineer To Financial Planning Engineer

Episode 71 - Lloyd Yamada started his professional life on a completely different path from financial planning. In his mid-40s, however, his father became ill, and Lloyd retired from electrical engineering to help his mother care for him. That time proved a crucial one. Lloyd gained empathy for similar people in transition, and his desire to help them became the springboard for his new career as a financial planner. Today, because of his experience, he understands the need of transitioning clients for strategies that support them as they move into the next phase of their journey. And in his work, he emphasizes steps that can build confidence and support clarity, such as career counseling or new income strategies. After studying electrical engineering at the University of Hawaii, Lloyd led the navigation products group at Stanford Telecom for nearly a decade. When he transitioned to financial planning, he made it his goal to gain broad experience by working for as many types of financial planning companies as he could. He aspired to own a practice and decided to apply the best practices of the companies he worked for while discarding the worst. What surprised him most was how much he enjoyed working with people. It was a different experience from engineering, where his focus was hardware and software. Now he was building relationships with people, and he was thrilled by how much they appreciated his guidance. Today, as CEO, Lloyd spends more time running the business than working with clients as much as he used to. Nonetheless, he is grateful for the opportunity to create a lasting firm that helps clients achieve their aspirations. In his role, he oversees the firm’s strategy and revenue base. He works with his partners to integrate financial planning and investment strategies so clients can continue to build on their wealth’s potential. Lloyd and his wife Suzanne are longtime residents of Cupertino. When Lloyd is not in the office, he’s usually pursuing his passion for capturing the beauty of landscapes in photography. Those landscapes have included the countryside of Croatia, his favorite travel destination, and will soon extend to Antarctica, his future favorite travel spot. Learn more about Lloyd Yamada here: https://www.aspire-planning.com/lloyd-yamada  WEALTH: Not getting enough clients? Book a FREE 15-minute Client Acquisition Consultation with CEO | Carter Wilcoxson to learn how. https://www.epicservicescompany.com/meetings/cwilcoxson-epic-ceo  HEALTH: Low on energy or overweight? Go to http://www.chemicalfreebody.com/enrichersand grab GREEN 85 Juice Formula or book a FREE 30-minute Health Strategy Session with Tim or one of his coaches.